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Yoga and Static

Some days there’s just too much static.
Yoga can be difficult on those days because
focus has been pulled in so many directions.

being still
quieting the mind
controlling the breaths
tuning out the static
tuning into yourself

I’m not always successful
but when I am
it makes
a world
of difference.

Yoga. Static.

320lbs to 230lbs

320 (2006) to 230 (2010)

i look at myself in the mirror some days and say, “Whoa! WTF!?”

in 2006, after avoiding the scale for years, a routine doctor’s appt forced me to get weighed at check-in. when it hit 320lbs, i was floored. i made some surface changes over the next year and lost 30lbs by 2007. then stopped.

the past 18 months have brought many changes in lifestyle and attitude. i’m still getting used to some of the results.

all changes were made gradually and with much research and testing.

what did i do?

  • started biking (up to 20 miles a day)
  • made dietary & eating habit changes
  • started cross-training & aerobic exercise
  • started lifting weights
  • started running
  • switched to ┬áminimalist running (Vibram Five Fingers)
  • added Chi Running
  • started yoga
  • became a vegetarian
  • started commuting to work via bicycle
  • promised NOT to become religious about most of the above

i’m down to 230lbs now and continue to feel better than i’ve ever felt. i continue to look for ways to eat, live, and think healthier.

fad diets don’t work, friends. we’ve got to get off our fat asses, get active, really assess the decisions we make about our eating, and make some gradual lifestyle adjustments! it’s not an easy task, but for many of us, it’s a necessary one!

commit to making one change today!

and make contact with me for some encouragement.

Meditative Sunset

Sometimes I just need to stop. Breathe. Relax. Focus.

This was shot out at Gulf Islands National Seashore / Ft. Pickens, FL on 10/9/10 using a Flip UltraHD camera. The music is something I frequently use while doing yoga – every time I use it, I feel relaxed and transported to the beach. To view in HD / full screen, click on the link to youtube.

So stop. Breathe. Relax. Focus.

for kate: an update

the latest excitement:

  • i’m down 41lbs from last june to 244lbs
  • i continue to run 5x / week, lift weights 3x / week, bike infrequently, watch my calories, do some circuit training a couple times a week, drink lots of water, and juggle daily.
  • i started doing yoga 3 weeks ago and am enjoying it quite a bit – very relaxing, yet also a workout. i frequently do it at night before heading to bed and it helps the insomniac in me fall asleep.
  • this pic was taken this afternoon while hamming for the camera:
  • the picture drives me to ask the question: if you had a high school teacher with guns like that, would you be messing around with him? no? then why the heck do my students mess with me? is it the shoes? is it the smile? maybe i don’t flash the guns around enough?
  • i’m neck-deep in IEP writing, with somewhere around 18 IEP’s due in the next 2 months. oy vey.
  • add to this that i’m taking a course on educational assessments at UWF and it’s a double oy vey.
  • stephen king’s Under the Dome was a great read until the last 30 pages. he really is a master of plot development, but his endings are so frequently just blah.
  • i’ve now worn my Vibram Five Fingers every day for three months and i’m telling ya: these things are absolutely awesome. i did acquire a second pair of them (seen in above picture) and do all my teaching, workouts, running, etc. in them. my feet / legs / knees / back have never felt better. i realize i have a followup i need to do on my previous post – it’ll happen, promise!
  • spring break is the last week in march – i’m planning on being in Cincinnati for a couple days. am thinking of arranging some kind of party for a couple hours one night and see if we can’t get everyone together in one room to visit and catch up!
  • there’s more to tell, but this was unplanned and as such, my brain is mush.

thanks to kate for the kick in the ass.