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Google+ Invite Rap

*Google+ Invite Rap*

I got Google+ magic / Come feel my flow
I invite you to da party / Make you my Google+ ho
I get you in my circle / you feelin’ Google+ crunk
I bombard you wid my links / den you be readin’ my junk
All yo pics I be lookin’ / On your life will I spy
(I’ll only show you my good ones / so you think I be fly)
My problems be yo’ probs / My downer words and my woes
But I be king of da world wid my Google+ hoes
I got dat Google+ magic / Do you want an invite?
Just respond to these lyrics / You can rock it tonight!

“Mr. Rust, are we having a classroom Christmas party?”

Every year, without fail, several students will ask, “Mr. Rust, are we having a classroom Christmas party?” and every year, without fail, I stare at them incredulously, and sputter, “A classroom Christmas party?? Dudes, YOU GUYS ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!”

Every year, I produce a new picture in an attempt at heading off the question.

This year’s entry:

Several students still had to ask. *sigh*