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It’s the end of the school year? Seriously?

hard to believe we’re weeks away from sending our latest batch of seniors out into the world.

where did the year go?

one highlight: teaching Steinbeck’s The Red Pony and riding my “pony” through class, yee-hawing at the top of my lungs each period. thoroughly embarrassed the crap out of my students. it was good.

if i’ve not said it recently: i love teaching. i love teaching English. i love teaching high school English.

“Mr. Rust, are we having a classroom Christmas party?”

Every year, without fail, several students will ask, “Mr. Rust, are we having a classroom Christmas party?” and every year, without fail, I stare at them incredulously, and sputter, “A classroom Christmas party?? Dudes, YOU GUYS ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!”

Every year, I produce a new picture in an attempt at heading off the question.

This year’s entry:

Several students still had to ask. *sigh*