search string madness!!

in conversation with fellow blogger SWNID the other evening, we enjoyed discussion on the zany search strings that lead people to our writings. for the uninitiated, when you go to google or yahoo or dogpile and enter a phrase that you want the search engine to find matches for, this results in a search string […]

meet karen p. see

meet karen. aka “kar” aka karen patricia. she was mentioned in my newsboys rant a couple days ago. unfortunately she was not named by name and was subsequently a bit miffed. i promised i would rectify this situation. karen was indeed the one who accosted the hated peter furler and forced him to confess to […]

the newsboys rant

it’s no secret that i despise the newsboys. as a youth minister, i couldn’t stand having to go to their concerts, buy their CD’s or, heaven forbid, play their music at youth group. i was youth pastor to a particularly rabid group of newsboys fans back in 1998-2000. “step up to the microphone” came out […]