favorite or most popular entries

here’s a short list of favorite or most popular entries from rustypants speaks:

- big dumbass dog

- HELP! exam extra credit question! // and the answer is…

- teacher of the year campaign pt. I // pt. II

- nationality bingo

- tongues twister

- a man is NOTHING without his grill!

- my take on The Golden Compass (or, shame on you, Christians!)

- why i’m in special education

- summer camp retrospective

- why aren’t man-thongs illegal?

- the road to pensacola pt. I

- the road to pensacola pt. II

- catholic school church service shenanigans

- courtesy drop

- god, protect me from your followers!

- paid ministry dilemma and discussion continues

- mandibles of death indeed

- confession: your butt is driving me nuts!

- i knew things were bad when…

- ’24’ drinking, er, oreo game

(list edited on 2/14/09)

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