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Scenes that remind me I’m watching a movie…

Tonight, while watching the movie Argo, a scene from my past caused me to suspend time for about five seconds, think hard, and have a mental dispute with the filmmakers.

When they drop the needle onto the record, it looked like they dropped it on track four of five. When the song started and John Bonham’s familiar boom, tap, boom boom-boom, tap intro to When The Levee Breaks kicks in, I thought, “Wait. Waitwaitwait… that ain’t right. That’s the last song on side two.” Lise saw the look on my face as I backed up the film and watched it again. As I explained to her what was going on, she said, “Get out. You remember that? I don’t believe it.” “Oh, REALLY?!?” I replied, having already decided I needed to hit the garage and dig through my LP’s and find the proof.

I thought hard as I found the album, wondering how they could’ve made such a simple but fundamental mistake.

And naturally, they didn’t. As I looked lovingly at the LP cover and slid the album out, I realized: This sucker only has eight tracks on it.

And two things struck me:
First, I’m old. The fundamental mistake was mine.
Second, I am become my father.

Except he probably wouldn’t have forgotten that there are only four tracks on each side of Led Zep IV.

My Christmas Gift to You

Just in time to annoy your family and friends! Rustypants’ Most Awesome Christmas Mix!

Rustypants’ Christmas Mix 

“What’s included in this deluxe package?” you may be asking yourself. Let me tell you, we’ve chosen only the finest Christmas tunes ever created!

01. Silent Night / Holy Night Jam – Joe Satriani
02. O Tannenbaum – Vince Guaraldi
03. Oh Holy Night – Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
04. Jingle Bells – Brian Setzer Orchestra
05. Away In A Manger – Sufjan Stevens
06. 12 Days of Christmas – Relient K
07. Little Drummer Boy – Jars of Clay
08. Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto – Snoop Dogg
09. Angels We Have Heard on High – Duvall (Smoking Popes)
10. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber
11. Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night – Jimi Hendrix
12. Christmas Time is Here – Sarah McLachlan & Diana Krall
13. Oh Come All Ye Faithful – Twisted Sister
14. Santa Claus is Coming To Town – Bruce Springsteen
15. White Christmas – Jimmy Smith
16. Christmas in Hollis – Run-DMC

How much would you pay for such a wonderful and eclectic mix of holiday music? $10? $20?? $50???

For a limited time, you can have these 16 tracks for only $0.00!! Simply follow the link, download the file, unzip the tunes, and rock out!

And please, consider this my gift to you. It’s all you’re gonna get. But it’s from the bottom of my heart, promise!

Meditative Sunset

Sometimes I just need to stop. Breathe. Relax. Focus.

This was shot out at Gulf Islands National Seashore / Ft. Pickens, FL on 10/9/10 using a Flip UltraHD camera. The music is something I frequently use while doing yoga – every time I use it, I feel relaxed and transported to the beach. To view in HD / full screen, click on the link to youtube.

So stop. Breathe. Relax. Focus.

stream of consciousness, pt. VIII

lots going on, lots coming up – time for another stream of consciousness, eh?

  • finished reading two good books in a row -Â The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon;Â Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. the first is a story told from the viewpoint of a fifteen year old with autism – fascinating to me after working with profoundly autistic students for many years in DC and Maryland. the second won the Pulitzer for fiction back in 2000 – it’s a series of short stories and very enjoyable.
  • i’m currently reading Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. both are good so far.
  • my contract was renewed at PFHS for next year – this was FANTASTIC news, both because having a job = good, and because i have come to love working at this school! very excited for what next year will bring.
  • as school finished up last week, i’ve been searching for things to keep me busy this summer. too much time off is dreadfully boring. have a meeting with a department at my district tomorrow to discuss my developing Moodle pages for this dept’s training sessions, and helping with other technology related things. couple days a week, couple hours a day, maybe.
  • our beloved Canon S2 IS bit the dust a couple months ago. a stunning blow, as we rarely leave the house without a camera in tow. we knew we wanted to move up in the digital camera arena, but didn’t have the money to do so. after some scraping and a lot of research, we ended up getting a killer deal on a Canon SX10 IS and we’re having a blast with it. the pictures are crisp, the response time on the camera is quick, the 20x optical zoom is over the top, and the flexibility is great. we’re still learning the nuances of this camera, and i have difficulty in a couple areas that are probably lack of photography knowledge, but we’re working on that!
  • i’m enjoying Twitter more as i’m finding professional uses for it (mostly networking and idea-sharing), but i have to admit: i’m getting very annoyed at folks who use twitter like text messaging and/or simply to show off. now, the beauty of twitter is: even though everyone and their mothers have a “how to use twitter” tutorial, the truth is, there are no rules. and my bitching about folks who use twitter one way or another – it comes down to this – i stop following them so i don’t have to partake in their pointless and excessive self-aggrandizing or all the silly personal chatter they produce. it’s been bothering me a bit – thanks for letting me blow off some steam about it (and no offense meant to anyone who has been un-followed or recognizes themselves in this description – i still love you, just not that much).
  • and in the interest of full-disclosure: i don’t frequently have a lot of intelligent things to say on twitter – but i do keep the meaningless posts to a minimum.
  • the juan sebastian elcano is docked at pensacola pier – we went down and took a stroll around – pretty impressive ship!


  • the sunsets continue to blow our minds here in pensacola. the temperatures have been very pleasant (mid-80’s the last couple weeks). tonight we saw a black skimmer fly by just as we were about to leave – very pretty and graceful – this was the best i could get of this one as it flew by:


be well and take me to task on some of this stuff, ya hear?

baaaaaby, i can’t hold it much longer

marvingaye002i was 13 years old. 1982. jr. high.

the song came on the radio and i froze.

the smooth beat started. the whispered plea, the wailing voice.

nevermind that the subject matter is first and foremost on the minds of jr. high boys everywhere.

the music stays smooth and cool through the entire song, but the intensity of marvin gaye’s singing, the urgency of his needs grows as the song goes on.

holy cow, the man had pipes.

my first 7″ 45 single? sexual healing.

i remember walking up to globe records and tapes at western hills plaza and searching through the singles on the shelf. finding my prize, i bought it and zipped back.

when i got it home, i played it. and played it. and played it. it was my first serious exposure to gaye’s music and it was one i never forgot.

it still has a mesmerizing effect on me. i’ve listened to it four times as i’ve written this and had to force myself not to play it a fifth time. truly addictive.

and no one else can quite set the tone like he does.

finally! a “25” list i WANT to do: 25 Favorite Albums, no particular order

the list that has been making the facebook rounds with 25 random things about yourself – it’s vexing to me. i don’t want to do it. and i won’t

but this – this list is something i can do and be happy about!

25 favorite albums in no particular order

1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
2. Jason Mraz – Live at Schuba’s Tavern 01-15-2003
3. Waterdeep – Sink or Swim
4. Herbie Hancock – Headhunters
5. Keith Jarrett Trio – Live at the Blue Note
6. Green Day – Dookie
7. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Live at Radio City
8. Damien Jurado – Ghost of David
9. Cowboy Junkies – Trinity Session
10. The Band – The Last Waltz
11. The Black Keys – Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough
12. Chick Corea and Gary Burton – Crystal Silence
13. Iron & Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days
14. Jimmy Smith – The Sermon!
15. Joe Satriani – Super Colossal
16. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II
17. Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See
18. Miles Davis and John Coltrane – The Complete Columbia Recordings
19. Yo-Yo Ma – The Cello Suites Inspired by Bach
20. Rusted Root – Cruel Sun
21. Phil Keaggy – Beyond Nature
22. Judas Priest – Screaming for Vengeance
23. Neil Young – Deepsix Vol. 2
24. John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
25. Grateful Dead – Live at the Fillmore East – 4-29-1971
26. Over the Rhine – Drunkard’s Prayer

i noted over on facebook that the honorable mentions list would be at least as long as this one.

what’s your list?

old granddad meets pink floyd

we were 17. we were young, stupid, and bored.

scott and i managed to swipe a bottle of old granddad and were out on a saturday night, mercifully without a curfew. we’d been driving, without the drinking, but now our master plan was to be enacted.

we pulled into the I-275 theater on the east side of cincinnati where every saturday night was a midnight showing of some concert film.

tonight’s film?

pink floyd’s The Wall. we’d been singing it in the car at the top of our lungs for the past year or so but had never seen the movie.

we sat in the parking lot and hit the bottle for a while, getting a buzz on. and then went a bit further.

we bought our tickets, grabbed seats in the mostly empty theater and settled in for what we were sure was going to be an incredible, mind-altering ride through one of the greatest albums ever made.

and all i can say now, even 23 years after the fact, is this:


the shaving scene had us stuttering like sylvester in a crazy, mouse-infested haunted house.

we were still twitching while the credits were rolling.

i never drank old granddad again.

the movie still disturbs me.


stream of consciousness pt. VII

it’s been busy but uninterestingly so. here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on the past few weeks…

  • i was not a whole-hearted obama supporter prior to the election – i did vote for him, and did identify with some of the policy ideas he was tossing out, but i was more anti-mccain than pro-obama. i have to say, though: starting with his acceptance speech, looking frequently at, and watching his interview on 60 minutes yesterday – i’m impressed and admit to being a bit excited about this new administration.
  • i continue to be mildly shocked at the attitudes of “christians” towards obama. thinly veiled hatred, racism, and things people will “pray” for – it astounds me at times, and at others i can only shake my head and realize that we’re a broken, hurting people. i encourage you to be in prayer for obama, whether you voted for him or not.
  • freezing.jpgwe spent the afternoon saturday in fairhope, alabama – it’s a quaint little town with lots of neat little shops. literally lost track of time while we were there. didn’t buy much but the window shopping was fun. the pic to the right is us freezing on mobile bay near the end of our time in town.
  • evenings continue to get cooler here in pensacola – down to the upper 40’s and low 50’s. daytime highs are still in the 60’s and 70’s and our treks to the beach continue be inspirational and relaxing. moving here was absolutely the right thing to do.
  • i’ve been twittering, although not much. to all those who say twitter is the next big thing and omg, we all have to jump on the bandwagon, i say this: i won’t argue whether twitter is a “legitimate” form of communication – of course it is. but whether we all have to twitter or be left behind in the technological community-building app dust – this may be making the argument a bit silly.
  • teaching high school continues to rock – this is the place to be. having a good time with my classes, with school spirit, and with the staff. sadly, i was not voted teacher of the year, but will post more on that later.
  • crazydog.jpgthe dog continues to love the beach. it’s nice now that things are cooling down a bit and the beach is less crowded – we take him as often as we can now!
  • recent tunes that have been infecting my brain include the new ray lamontagne album, paul simon’s surprise cd, and santana’s new double disk multidimensional warrior. of the three, the simon album is most refreshing. how does this dude continue to make such good music? santana is still an incredible guitarist, and this double disk is good – it just gets a little… overproduced? the second disk is all instrumental which i thought would be more exciting than it actually is. lamontagne doesn’t surprise me with much with his new CD – it’s good and consistent.
  • the movie son of rambow is worth your time.

time to get my junk together for tomorrow.

a love song

i’ve been on a bit of a joe satriani kick the last few days. his technical proficiency aside, he makes some of the best put together songs out there and with such attention to melody. i almost forget that i’m listening to a completely instrumental guitar album. it’s not just “chops” – it’s musical poetry.

this video is of one of my favorite satriani songs, a love song written for his wife – “always with me, always with you” from his album surfing with the alien. this was recorded two years ago and is probably the best version of it that i’ve heard.