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2011 SB Urban Adventure / Team Funny Fo’ Sho’

The 2011 South Bend Urban Adventure was a blast! For the 2nd year in a row, my cousin Christine and I ran / cycled / swam / rafted / slip ‘n slided / shortcutted / bullshitted / videoed / commented / connived / contrived / schemed and had an incredible time completing 24 checkpoints, biking 20+ miles, and attempting to win fame and glory on the streets of South Bend, IN.

We’re already planning for 2012 – watch out!

2010 South Bend Urban Adventure Race!

2010 South Bend Urban Adventure REDUX from scott rust on Vimeo.

My cousin, Christine, and I ran the 2010 South Bend Urban Adventure Race together – this is a goofy video of the results of that race.

Shot entirely on a cheap Sony Cyber-shot camera, this film was not planned in any way. Due to rain early on, I wasn’t even sure we’d be able to take pictures. That we ended up with this much decent footage was a major surprise. Enjoy! (or not!)

This video was edited using Adobe Premiere.

for kate: an update

the latest excitement:

  • i’m down 41lbs from last june to 244lbs
  • i continue to run 5x / week, lift weights 3x / week, bike infrequently, watch my calories, do some circuit training a couple times a week, drink lots of water, and juggle daily.
  • i started doing yoga 3 weeks ago and am enjoying it quite a bit – very relaxing, yet also a workout. i frequently do it at night before heading to bed and it helps the insomniac in me fall asleep.
  • this pic was taken this afternoon while hamming for the camera:
  • the picture drives me to ask the question: if you had a high school teacher with guns like that, would you be messing around with him? no? then why the heck do my students mess with me? is it the shoes? is it the smile? maybe i don’t flash the guns around enough?
  • i’m neck-deep in IEP writing, with somewhere around 18 IEP’s due in the next 2 months. oy vey.
  • add to this that i’m taking a course on educational assessments at UWF and it’s a double oy vey.
  • stephen king’s Under the Dome was a great read until the last 30 pages. he really is a master of plot development, but his endings are so frequently just blah.
  • i’ve now worn my Vibram Five Fingers every day for three months and i’m telling ya: these things are absolutely awesome. i did acquire a second pair of them (seen in above picture) and do all my teaching, workouts, running, etc. in them. my feet / legs / knees / back have never felt better. i realize i have a followup i need to do on my previous post – it’ll happen, promise!
  • spring break is the last week in march – i’m planning on being in Cincinnati for a couple days. am thinking of arranging some kind of party for a couple hours one night and see if we can’t get everyone together in one room to visit and catch up!
  • there’s more to tell, but this was unplanned and as such, my brain is mush.

thanks to kate for the kick in the ass.

happy father’s day!


thunderstorms. playing cards. reading. nature. driving.

these are only a few of the things my dad loves that i also love. these are things that he introduced to me when i was a little kid, and i am a much better man because of them. some of  my earliest memories include:

  • watching thunderstorms roll in while sitting on the back porch together and jumping at the lightning and thunder.
  • being read to at night (by mom, too!) – this was a nightly occurrance – at least one story before bedtime in my room or in jason’s.
  • being read to, having a thunderstorm roll in, STOP reading, turn out the lights, and watch the storm together.
  • learning how to play gin rummy & chess and spending time playing both (or should i say losing both – i doubt that i’ve beat him at either).
  • camping trips to Heuston Woods & Miami Whitewater, building fires, hiking, swimming.
  • drives, sometimes just to drive. other times, 3 weeks worth of driving (remember the RV trip from cincy to wisconsin to california to mexico to tennessee to ohio?).
  • raiding his bookshelves for good reading material. dad loves to read – being read to every night as a youngster was pivotal. being grounded from TV for five years in my later years didn’t hurt, either. i was introduced to Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, JRR Tolkien, and John Steinbeck, among others, in those junior high years.

now, to be sure, we have our differences. we have very different personalities. we have different likes and dislikes. we disagree about things.

but dad is level-headed. intelligent. loving. kind. analytical.

he is still the first person i call when i’m trying to make a decision about this or that and need someone to see more sides of the situation than i can figure.

he still loves me and lets me know it frequently.

he still lets me raid his bookshelves and “forget” to return the books to him.

he’s the first person i think of when lise and i are sitting on the beach or on the front porch watching a big thunderstorm move through.

i’m a better man because of my dad.

thanks, dad! happy fathers day! i love you!

my mom’s funny

for years, lise and i had coveted my mom’s doormat. we’ve laughed about it every time we visited her home, asked her to leave it to us in her will, hatched plots to steal it, and asked her to just plain give it to us.


so when she told me to take it with me when we moved to Florida 2 years ago, it was a bit of a shock. i mean, we had been joking about it for so long that now… well, we can just… take it?

i turned her down. thanks, but no thanks. why are you giving it up now? she tells me it’s time for her to grow up (to which i laughed – at age 61, to decide that this welcome mat is too “immature” for you… well, that’s my momma).

at any rate, every time i see it when i come home, i think about mom. she’s funny. i love her and miss her a lot.

explosive fun

as a boy, our backyard contained a myriad of flowers and plants thanks to my parents’ green thumbs. one gorgeous flower we had is known as the 4 o’clock plant. it looks like this:




but the seeds were what were fun to my little brother and i. they looked like little hand grenades and to get to them you had to squeeze the pod of the plant and it would pop open! way cool! the seeds look like this:




we loved to go into the yard and frolic and play, popping 4 o’clock seed pods and pretending they were grenades, throwing them at each other and our friends.


it was all in good fun until the day one of the seeds blew up in poor ralph’s hand.


cruel mother nature.

cool things from the family, part 2

when i was growing up, my family had a big above-ground swimming pool in the backyard. i don’t remember enjoying swimming a lot, but it was always fun getting into the pool. parties, family get togethers, saturday afternoons, hot and sticky summer days – i have a number of neat memories from this pool.

but the memory i have that sticks out the most is this:

i was young – maybe seven or eight years old.

we had early bedtime, even in the summer. this is difficult for kids, isn’t it? the sun is still up, and there you are – getting ready for bed. gah! it’s like being tortured! all that time lost sleeping when you could be pursuing treasure or beating up on your little brother in the backyard or any number of worthwhile adventures that have to be put on hold so you can go to sleep.

one night after we had already gone to sleep, my dad came in and woke us up. it was dark out and i remember being puzzled at the awakening. we were to put on our swimsuits and come out into the backyard! wha??

mom was in her suit already and we were excited, but concerned. it’s chilly out! isn’t this going to be too cold to swim in? dad told us that the water would still be warm from the sun beating down on it all day. i remember not believing him, but once we got outside and went to the pool…

the perimeter lights were on. as we walked into the pool area and stuck our hands in the water – hey! it IS warm! swimming at night, the stars out, the crickets chirping, family close-by.

we swam for a while and had a really good time. the fine details are long lost, but the emotional sensations remain – it was a really neat time together. after we swam, my dad asked me if i wanted to ride with him to baskin robbins in his ’55 t-bird (with the top down – woo-hoo!) and pick up some ice cream.

this whole evening was so out of the ordinary and was so much fun – it surely wasn’t more than an hour or two in length but it has stuck with me ever since.

when lise and i were talking a few weeks ago about family memories, this one was a close second in cool things from my parents – this one with dad in particular.