Scenes that remind me I’m watching a movie…

Tonight, while watching the movie Argo, a scene from my past caused me to suspend time for about five seconds, think hard, and have a mental dispute with the filmmakers.

When they drop the needle onto the record, it looked like they dropped it on track four of five. When the song started and John Bonham’s familiar boom, tap, boom boom-boom, tap intro to When The Levee Breaks kicks in, I thought, “Wait. Waitwaitwait… that ain’t right. That’s the last song on side two.” Lise saw the look on my face as I backed up the film and watched it again. As I explained to her what was going on, she said, “Get out. You remember that? I don’t believe it.” “Oh, REALLY?!?” I replied, having already decided I needed to hit the garage and dig through my LP’s and find the proof.

I thought hard as I found the album, wondering how they could’ve made such a simple but fundamental mistake.

And naturally, they didn’t. As I looked lovingly at the LP cover and slid the album out, I realized: This sucker only has eight tracks on it.

And two things struck me:
First, I’m old. The fundamental mistake was mine.
Second, I am become my father.

Except he probably wouldn’t have forgotten that there are only four tracks on each side of Led Zep IV.

2 thoughts on “Scenes that remind me I’m watching a movie…

  1. Diane

    Hey! I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your pics.

    I have recently become interested (i.e., obsessed) with collecting shells. I’m a teacher as well, and I spend them in Foley, AL. I would like to search for shells on Pensacola Beach and was wondering if you would tell me where exactly you find shells there. Google tells me that there are 47 miles of beach, so pinpointing great locations would be INCREDIBLY helpful!

    Thank you!

  2. Don

    Great piece! …well, remembering where a track is on a album then going back to make certain sounds a lot like me…and if that ain’t great, I don’t know what is!

    BTW, I found your blog by looking up Sandra Queen Noble, currently running in the Cincinnati mayoral primary. Thanks for the profile by exceprt.

    Her quotes to questions from the Cincinnati Enquirer have to be bleeped ( well, asterisked like “s***”). Just to be clear, she and I have a common political point: deficits. Did I say “a”? That’s what I meant, one, as in only one.

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