stream of consciousness pt. VII

it’s been busy but uninterestingly so. here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on the past few weeks…

  • i was not a whole-hearted obama supporter prior to the election – i did vote for him, and did identify with some of the policy ideas he was tossing out, but i was more anti-mccain than pro-obama. i have to say, though: starting with his acceptance speech, looking frequently at, and watching his interview on 60 minutes yesterday – i’m impressed and admit to being a bit excited about this new administration.
  • i continue to be mildly shocked at the attitudes of “christians” towards obama. thinly veiled hatred, racism, and things people will “pray” for – it astounds me at times, and at others i can only shake my head and realize that we’re a broken, hurting people. i encourage you to be in prayer for obama, whether you voted for him or not.
  • freezing.jpgwe spent the afternoon saturday in fairhope, alabama – it’s a quaint little town with lots of neat little shops. literally lost track of time while we were there. didn’t buy much but the window shopping was fun. the pic to the right is us freezing on mobile bay near the end of our time in town.
  • evenings continue to get cooler here in pensacola – down to the upper 40’s and low 50’s. daytime highs are still in the 60’s and 70’s and our treks to the beach continue be inspirational and relaxing. moving here was absolutely the right thing to do.
  • i’ve been twittering, although not much. to all those who say twitter is the next big thing and omg, we all have to jump on the bandwagon, i say this: i won’t argue whether twitter is a “legitimate” form of communication – of course it is. but whether we all have to twitter or be left behind in the technological community-building app dust – this may be making the argument a bit silly.
  • teaching high school continues to rock – this is the place to be. having a good time with my classes, with school spirit, and with the staff. sadly, i was not voted teacher of the year, but will post more on that later.
  • crazydog.jpgthe dog continues to love the beach. it’s nice now that things are cooling down a bit and the beach is less crowded – we take him as often as we can now!
  • recent tunes that have been infecting my brain include the new ray lamontagne album, paul simon’s surprise cd, and santana’s new double disk multidimensional warrior. of the three, the simon album is most refreshing. how does this dude continue to make such good music? santana is still an incredible guitarist, and this double disk is good – it just gets a little… overproduced? the second disk is all instrumental which i thought would be more exciting than it actually is. lamontagne doesn’t surprise me with much with his new CD – it’s good and consistent.
  • the movie son of rambow is worth your time.

time to get my junk together for tomorrow.

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