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Teacher of the Year campaign

thursday in my box at school was a half-sheet of paper on which we were to nominate our school’s Teacher of the Year. i was a bit thrown because i’m new this year and know very few people – how am i to make a rational decision on this? and the nominations were due by friday – holy cow!

“nominate yourself!” i thought to myself. a few minutes of deliberation and a few more minutes to formulate an email launching my one-day campaign and i was on the campaign trail! the following email was sent to the entire school:

From: Scott Rust
Subject: If you vote for me as Teacher of the Year…

…I promise to:

- Lower your taxes
– Increase departmental budgets
– Give each teacher a laptop
– Demand an additional 10 days leave per year
– Maintain defense spending for PFHS
– Boost technology spending (SmartBoards for EVERYONE!)
– Wash your car each Friday before 3:35
– Put mints on your desk each morning
– Negotiate a treaty with Russia
– Guarantee each printer and copier has toner / ink
– Eliminate behavior problems in the student body
– Research self-writing referrals
– Switch to a robo-call system for the Deans making phone calls home

My platform goals can be found at:


Thank You, and God Bless PFHS -


the response was insane. i was inundated with pledges and promises of votes, and also fielded other requests to add to my campaign promises. after some discussion with my advisers, a second email was sent at the end of the day:

From: Scott Rust
Subject: Amendment to my campaign

My constituents have spoken and I have heard your pleas!

I offer the following amendments to my campaign promises:

I will:
– Increase teacher planning periods to three periods a day
– Offer increased support and funding to the Guidance Department, as well as Snickers bars daily
– Demand A’s from all students and offer “alternate educational opportunities” for any student not meeting this goal
– Triple the ESE department’s budget

Thank you for your support!

support emails continued to flood my mailbox. then last night i had an epiphany: a campaign poster! holy cow!

fifteen minutes later, my flyer was ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting populace. this morning, the final email was sent:

From: Scott Rust
Subject: Final Push for Teacher of the Year Campaign

My Fellow Eagles -

Today marks a precipitous time in our school’s history. Students are unruly. Pay is stagnant. Benefits are being threatened. There exists no covered parking for teachers. Starbucks does not flow freely in our offices. Referrals don’t write themselves. And as I was campaigning yesterday, Kevin the Science Teacher echoed a sentiment we all share: I Want a Porsche!

Your vote for me as Teacher of the Year will guarantee a turnaround in these egregious conditions. My capricious promises will be fulfilled with your support!

Attached is a FREE CAMPAIGN POSTER that is suitable for framing, reminding you daily of my promises and good looks. Additionally, it can be used to wrap fish and line bird cages.

Vote early and vote often!

the ESE Lang. Arts Teacher


sometimes i just have too much fun with things.

now to write my acceptance speech!