5 thoughts on “cats =

  1. JM

    I’d much rather deal with cleaning out the litter box in my nice, temp-controlled house than walk our psycho-hyper dog in the middle of Wisconsin winter (and then pick up his poop with my bag wrapped hand???? EEEWWW!!!! Give me a scoop anyday) ;)

  2. scott d

    yeah… the crapbox is low-maintenance compared to carrying around a bag in public or searching the yard for poo. but currently, i’d love to get rid of the cats. i liked them alot more before we had a kid. they used to BE our kids, now they are just annoying.

  3. Moldy-Wan ;-)

    Hey, at least a cat–even a kitten–will shit in the box without having to be trained first. How long was it now, before Dolby finally stopped shitting on the carpet and held it till you took him outside? :^)

    ’nuff said.
    Moldy-Wan ;-)

  4. Margaret

    we LOVE our cats – all seven of them. We even made a model of one of them with Scott and Lise. besides that Matt does a wonderful job at cleaning them out!

    miss you both

    Margaret :)

  5. Becca

    I think the problem is that you’re not reconciled to being in submission to a feline. You need counseling.

    Our cat doesn’t use a litterbox. He’s housetrained. Love it!!!

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