full moon on harding ave

and no, it’s not me with my pants down.

the moon is full and i’ve had this crazy notion (haha, get it??) to go out and shoot the moon (hee hee!! i’m so funny!!) while it’s nice and round with the new digital camera.

so at 1am last night, out i go, bundled up, tripod and camera in hand, going for a picture of the moon. and the result is impressive, if you ask me.


i’ve been shooting this thing in a lot of different settings and have to say that i’m now spoiled. for the money, this is a great camera with much flexibility and versatility.

amazon.com has them cheap – you ought to get one.

2 thoughts on “full moon on harding ave

  1. Becky

    I was admiring that same moon here in Cali on Monday. For some reason I was having the worst day ever, and found reason to blame it on the full moon. I also began to wonder if the moon was full for Ohio too.. now I know.

  2. rach

    umm, so just wondering, who was it that gave you the idea of the tripod??? The wonderful, inspired idea that gave way to the possibility of you taking this amazing picture?? oh yeah, it was sarah. give credit where credit is due :) lol

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