going once… going twice…


i’ve always had fun putting together web sites for youth ministries – waaay back in the day (like, 1995) i had put together a webpage containing only pictures of the youth group that almost no one could view (because no one had the internet at home). the next church lise and i were at, the other dude we did the ministry with put together a website with me – i had maintained that for probably 5 years or so. when we came to the last church we did ministry at, i put together www.dunamisyouth.com – we had maintained that for about 3 years by the time we finally left there. i had paid for several years on the domain name and offered to give it to the church / youth group but was told, “no thanks – you can keep it.” so i put a page up saying it was no longer the website for the group, etc. blah blah blah and there it sat for 10 months or so.

fast forward to october 2006. i receive an email from a guy out in california who is working with his church’s youth ministry – their youth group name is DUNAMIS and they were hoping to have a website with that in it to use for information, etc. – would i be interested in selling them the site and the name?

woo-woo! after all that time i can finally do something good with the website again! i was so happy! it was nice to be able to just give it to them knowing it would continue on being a tool for youth ministry.

so when you get a minute (assuming you care or perhaps remember the old dunamis site) check it out.


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