Daily Archives: August 18, 2005


so harry potter and the half blood prince was good but much less impressive than book five. why? i think i’m growing tired of the repetition in the series – it seems that the same interactions with the same people spark the same reactions and it just drags on for me. i was all for some major character finally dying (yay!) but the book didn’t actually CATCH me until about page 450. book five will remain my personal favorite for now.

i think i’ve put my finger on why i don’t put much into this blog:

i’m a youth pastor – my life consists of two main things: my wife and my youth group kids. i love both of them to death.

as a husband, what lise and i go through, etc. is generally none of anyone else’s business. and besides, one mans “interesting” is another mans “mundane” – why bother.

as a youth pastor, i don’t get the luxury of (nor would i want to) spewing a lot of crybaby crap about how everything sucks all the time or conspriacies or other whatnot. seems like this is a lot of what blogs / livejournals / xanga / myspace / etc are used for. i suppose they serve a purpose, although what that purpose is, i don’t exactly understand.

i guess what’s gonna have to happen is that the three of you who read this blog will have to be content with what you get here. i don’t expect to make this a daily or particularly revealing.